Where does the money I donate go?

Larson’s Cause has donated funds to the following families.
You may not see their poster here but your money is helping local children:

A pretty young athlete, who underwent open heart surgery.
She is doing very well and is playing softball again!

A family needed assistance in acquiring a wheelchair accessible van
to assist in transporting daughter who uses a wheelchair.

A Teenager who suffers from Crohn’s Disease and has medical expenses
from hospital stays, medication and possibly surgery.

Baby Fighter and his family needed assistance
as they travelled to seek medical treatment in Colorado.
Baby Fighter suffered from LUTO and will forever
be in the hearts of those who prayed for him and his family.



While the Viebrock Family was visiting Atlanta, GA in April of 2009, Larson became ill.  His parents took him to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with pneumonia and was hospitalized at the Scottish Rite Hospital.  While in the hospital, a doctor noticed that the results from Larson’s blood work was not right so she ordered another blood test.  When the second set of results came back they too concerned the doctors.  A specialist was called in and Larson was admitted to the PICU where he was diagnosed with HUS (hemolytic uremic syndrome).  This is a rare disease in which bacteria causes the red blood cells to destroy themselves causing the kidneys to clog and eventually shut down.  There is no cure.  You only treat the symptoms until the disease can run its course.   Larson was placed on complete life support and dialysis.  He remained in the PICU for 32 days and was then admitted to the rehabilitation unit to relearn to walk, talk, sit up, and other things normal 1 year olds can do.  The Viebrock Family returned to Smithville 7 weeks after the whole ordeal began. Read More