The Ellwein family remains forever grateful for the amazing support of this wonderful community.

Kacey graduated from Mizzou in December with a degree in Biological Engineering. He is currently working at Johnson Controls in a sales position. Kacey is now over 5 years cancer free and continues to be involved in the cancer community through involvement in Make a Wish and volunteering at Children’s Mercy in a mentorship position.

The costs associated with cancer treatment are insane and even with medical coverage there are so many little things that add up to large costs. Things like the cost of driving to hundreds of appointments, having to eat at hospital cafeterias or restaurants for several days at a time, staying in hotels when you can’t stay at the hospital with your child. There are days and sometimes weeks of missed work and paychecks. Then there are years of co-pays and deductibles, and to top it all off doctor and hospital bills that end up not being covered for one reason or another. Most people simply do not have tens of thousands of dollars saved up for such life changing events.

Charities like Larson’s Cruise and the financial support they provide are essential to the families that need the help. They help provide one less thing for a family to worry about while they tend to the all-consuming and most important thing, their sick child. The Ellwein Family is an essential part of the Larson’s Cause Family. They are proud sponsors of our t-shirts. The family has made giving back to the community and assisting other families with sick children a top priority!

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